Paige Peel is a 25-year-old country singer, songwriter, and performer from Thousand Oaks, California. Although she is most known for her heartfelt song ‘Our Home,’ which was written for the victims and the families of the Borderline tragedy, she has written over 300 hundred songs. Her first official single, ‘The Crown,’ was released March 8th, 2019 and she just released her first Acoustic Ep, Long Story Short. Paige makes it a priority to write every day as songwriting is her passion. Her unique melodies and creative lyrics embrace the true storytelling genre that is country music. 


Paige was blessed to grow up in a Latter-day Saint home where she was raised on the strong values of God, family, and country. Together with her family she enjoyed boating, camping, fishing, and sports. Paige was often seen penning lyrics on napkins, brown paper bags, any scrap of paper she could find or recording melodies as voice memos on her phone, as these family adventures provided the backdrop for much of her lyrical genius.


As a teenager, Paige faced some of her toughest challenges. At 13, she had to undergo a partial thyroidectomy to remove a tumor that had compromised her vocal nerve. For Paige the basketball player, this meant just a few days off the court. But for Paige the aspiring singer-songwriter, a could be career-ender. The successful outcome has been the driving force for Paige Peel’s music ever since. In 2015, the second major challenge in her life began to unfold. In October of that year, Paige left for Quito, Ecuador to serve a mission for her church. After some time in the country, she was hospitalized for major unknown health issues. After numerous tests and procedures, she was forced to return to the United States. The illnesses she contracted while in Ecuador did irreparable damage. Paige’s motto of “everything happens for a reason” is what kept her positive. That positivity, upbeat tempo, and healing message of her songs is a direct reflection of the challenges she has had to overcome. 


Paige believes life is about the journey and the people you influence, and those who influence you along the way, rather than the end result. Paige has performed at the Oak Heart Music Festival in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County Fair, Surf Rodeo in Ventura and The Canyon Club. Paige has collaborated with Stephen Styles on his single ‘Church Street’ and has many more collaborations in the works. In 2022, Paige will be releasing music with a grungy country rock feel.